Do you want to create authentic easy ramen noodle recipes?  Where can you get a top ramen noodles recipe and more importantly ramen noodle bowl recipes. Our up to date review will dish the info to get you salivating by exploring the general ideas around great ramen recipes.

Some people confuse the term ramen with noodles and swap the terms indiscriminately. The truth is ramen is a soup and noodles are pasta strings you put into the soup. Ramen is actually the name the Japanese use for the term ‘soup’. The noodles came later by way of the Chinese. Today all over the world you will see packets of noodles called ramen, it’s wrong but descriptive definitions change over time, and so it is with ramen.

Anyone who has ever been to college has probably tried a ramen noodle bowl recipe. It’s a cheap, easy to make snack, that can be served up in minutes. But it can be so much more than that. If you like to cook a bit and want to make the most out of a cheap packet of noodles, then we will look at the critical components of the so popular ramen — broth, seasoning, noodles, and toppings.

The Best Home Cooked Ramen

Ramen noodle soups are mostly soups with great flavors. However, authentic rich flavors take time and planning to cultivate, but they are well worth the effort when it comes to chow time. Therefore whatever you put in the ramen on top of the soup is just an extra, not the main event, the event is great broth and the best noodles you can get.

A History Of Ramen

I would imagine that you know noodles came from China. They came back to Europe via Marco Polo’s travels and became Italy’s most favorite dish, pasta. As Victor Hugo once said, “An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.”

So it was for the Japanese who took to the stringy delicacy as soon as they had slurped a bowl. It was the Japanese who put the noodles into a bowl of broth and a match was made that has forever shaped the outcome of a late night or a shrinking budget.

When the Chinese and Japanese emigrated on mass to the new world they brought with them ramen noodle bowl recipes which they served up to the pioneers of the western trails in the form of noodles and soba shops. The new trend almost died as soon as it began when the second world war broke out as rationing seriously curtailed the ingredients on offer and it seemed kind of unpatriotic for an American to be eating Japanese food, despite the fact all the ramen makers had been interned in concentration camps. But you can’t keep a good thing down and after the war these shops started to spring up again all over the states.

Then came the instant ramen noodle bowl recipe designed for that on the go family who needed to quieten the madding crowd, be they near or far. That, along with clever marketing campaigns ensured that oodles of noodles would be served up at home or in the streets. Japanese “ramen tours” became all the rage in the 1980’s along with the mass importing of the instant variety from native Japan. Now it was super simple to get your ramen noodle bowl in minutes.

It’s a little strange that in the land where the sun never sets on a franchise, that there are none for ramen shops. This may be down to ramen shop keepers teaching their employees their recipes, then sending them off to open their own shops after just a few years of service, very un-American, but great for ramen lovers all over the country.

Home Grown Ramen

Homegrown easy ramen noodle recipes are super quick to make if you stick to a few basic rules. Get yourself some quality dried mushrooms plus an appropriate soy sauce and mirin, with these simple ingredients you’re halfway there to making great easy ramen noodle recipes that will have you coming back for more.

Dried Shiitake And Friends

Making easy ramen noodle recipes starts with a good soup made from vegetables and animal bones that are boiled into a broth. All you then need to do is add the extra ingredients like chicken, meat or fish, finishing with noodles to complete the recipe. You could just use a stock cube but you would be missing out on the pleasure that is fine cooking. Kombu and dried shiitake mushrooms are more expensive than a stock cube but intensify the broth while it cooks, giving it an earthy taste, unlike anything else.

The second addition when conjuring easy ramen noodle recipes is using a system of flavoring known as Tare. Tare is a mixture of intense flavors added to the ramen broth just before proceeding to serve. The most basic Tare is a mixture of soy sauce and mirin whilst some more adventurous kinds are made with miso or chili paste.

Oodles of Noodles

In their simplest form noodles are flour, salt, and water with an alkaline agent used to give them their yellow springy texture. Fresh noodles have become increasingly common to find especially around major cities. However fresh noodles do need to be refrigerated once purchased and should be used within a few days, unlike the dried variety that can last for months.

You can find dried ramen noodles almost anywhere from the local Asian supermarkets to large retailers, and now they can also be purchased online at sites like Amazon.

The Soup

The noodle broth we recommend is rich in chicken stock flavor. If you can use the bones of a chicken you previously roasted and then add some essential Japanese flavorings, then the result will be a complex delicious layered broth that will compliment your noodles to perfection.

The body or viscosity of the broth can be enhanced with the use of chicken wings. This is because the wings contain a rich mixture of gelatin, skin, tender bones, and flavorsome marrow, that all breaks down with a long simmer. A generous sprinkling of ginger kombucha shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce will round off the soup to a restaurant quality standard.

Ramen Slaw

Have you ever heard of ramen slaw or wanted to find a ramen noodle slaw recipe. If you want a great ramen noodle slaw you`re going to need… coleslaw, that’s right, coleslaw. The best ramen noodle slaw recipe is made from coleslaw. So get yourself a cabbage and some mayonnaise, some anchovies and carrots, mix them altogether then add cold cooked noodles to that mix and ‘hey presto’, you got yourself a ramen noodle slaw recipe. This ramen noodle slaw recipe will have your friends heading back for more!

All Together Now

To sum up then, you will need a flavorsome broth which can be made in advance and frozen to be used at any time of your choosing. Then you need the flavors of a quality Tare, a good soy sauce, and mirin, which can be used to season the broth to suit your particular taste.

The noodles should be boiled in a separate container, as cooking the noodles in the broth can result in a gluey noodle and gelatinous soup.  You should strain the noodles and rinse when they are cooked, only then adding them to the broth.

A crispy fried pork goes excellently with this type of top ramen noodles recipe as well as adding a new flavor to the mix. Other accoutrements often used are soft-boiled eggs, pickled bamboo, oyster sauce and sesame seed oil.

Slurp The Good Slurp

When it comes to eating ramen, all bets are off. Making a mess is not required but not frowned upon either. The only thing you should make sure of is the broth stays hot till the end. So do not feel shy to drink from the bowl or scoop the noodles into your mouth shovel fashion, making pleasurable gurgling sounds as the mix goes down, no one’s judging, well… maybe they are.

The Review

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