Make matcha latte like a boss!

Firstly, what is a matcha latte? And how does it differ from the matcha green teas? To answer these questions we first ask ourselves, what is a latte? Traditionally a latte is a type of coffee made with an espresso and hot steamed milk. It is often considered milkier than a cappuccino. The only difference with this latte is that the matcha tea powder replaces the coffee. It will have a unique flavor, chlorophyll and amino acids are the reasons for providing matchas its unique taste.  The taste if Matcha will also depend on the quality of the powder. Sub-par Matcha will taste unpleasantly bitter, whereas premium matchas will have a naturally distinct sweet taste.

Knowing how to make matcha latte is a simple process, all you need is a ¾ cup of milk, here you can use any milk you prefer. Next you will need 1 teaspoon of matcha powder and honey if you want it a bit sweeter. Firstly, add the teaspoon of matcha to a cup or mug and add a splash of water. You then need to whisk this to create a green paste, using a whisk will ensure that there are no lumps. Secondly warm your milk in a saucepan until you can see it simmering, pour your warm milk into the cup or mug. Lastly use your whisk to mix the paste and the milk until it’s smooth and light green in color. If you want to, add a few sprinkles of matcha powder for some decoration!

Don’t feel like a hot drink? How about some iced matcha? Just like your normal latte, add a teaspoon of matcha powder into a cup and add a splash of warm water. Mix until the powder becomes a smooth green paste. Instead of adding warm milk to this mixture, use cold milk. Mix this until smooth and light green in color, if you want an extra iced matcha latte, add some more ice.

Now you know how to make matcha latte for yourself, nice and simple

Making Matcha Green Tea

Did you know that one cup of matcha green tea has the health benefits of 10 cups of the average green teas? This is why it’s so important to know how to prepare matcha latte! 

There are two different ways on how to make matcha green tea, the first is known as “usucha” or “thin tea” and it’s the most common way to make matcha, you use only one teaspoon of matcha powder. The second is known as “kiocha” or “think tea” this version is stronger in taste, color, and will be slightly thicker. This method uses two teaspoons of matcha powder.

Making matcha green tea is easier than the matcha latte and it uses less milk. All you would need is 1 to 2 teaspoons of matcha powder depending on which version you prefer. Add a splash of hot water. Use a whisk to mix until you get a green paste and top up with hot water. Stir or if you like, add sweetener and milk, now you can enjoy your warm matcha green tea!

Summer Time And Too Hot To Enjoy Your Matcha Tea?

Make Matcha Iced Tea!

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of matcha tea and still cool down in the heat? The answer is matcha iced tea! You only need three ingredients, cold water, matcha and some ice! A martini shaker comes in really handy, but if you don’t have one, the whisk method will also work. Add your preferred amount of matcha to the shaker or into a cup. If by the whisk method, add a splash of water and mix until a smooth green paste is made, add the rest of the water and mix. You can always add more ice if you want your tea more chilled. With the martini shaker, add the water and close the shaker, shake until frost appears on the shaker and pour over a glass of ice. Both are very effective and make a wonder matcha iced tea.

Pour and serve! That’s how to make matcha green tea!

How To Make Matcha Powder

Learning to make matcha powder is important too. Actually making matcha green tea powder is a simple process, but one that has to be done right so you can get all the nutrients and health benefits from your cup of tea or perhaps a matcha latte. Either way the powder has to be a smooth, fine consistency. The easiest way would to use a blender to blend the matcha tea leaves, blend it for 3 seconds, shake it a little to make sure that it all gets blended and let it rest. Repeat this process until you have a fine powder. If you find that the powder is still too coarse simple place the powder into a pestle and grind until you have the smoothness and fineness that a matcha powder should be. Now you know how to make matcha powder. When done properly you wouldn’t even notice the difference between your powder and a matcha powder bought from a store.

Below we have included some of the best matcha products, from tools to the best matcha powder:

Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk Set

Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk Set

This the perfect matcha tea set it includes all the accessories that you will need to make a delicious matcha and perform the meditative Zen practice of the Japanese Tea ceremony and get the calming benefits that brewing matcha tea can provide. 

Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk Set (Chasen) Matcha Bowl

MATCHA START UP KIT include all the accessories will need to make a delicious matcha and perform the meditative Zen practice of the Japanese Tea ceremony.

Mushroom Matcha Green Tea Powder

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Matcha

This matcha powder is ceremonial grade matcha, the only quality high enough to be used in traditional tea ceremonies and used in the buddhist meditation preparations.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Matcha

Organic ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder meets cognitive supporter Lion’s Mane mushroom extract; Organic ginger to support digestion and add flavor

Tenzo Tea Premium Starter Kit

Tenzo Tea - Premium Starter Kit

This is the perfect beginner kit, including a bag of Tenzo Tea matcha green tea powder, a bamboo whisk, porcelain whisk stand and a bamboo scoop, exactly all you need to get started.

Tenzo Tea - Premium Starter Kit

CEREMONIAL GRADE MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER: Tenzo Tea is hand-picked from baby green tea leaves at the foothills of a volcano in Kagoshima, Japan

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