Have you ever wondered what is the Japanese ramen bowl or how does the real japanese ramen look like? Then you came to the right place! But first, we need to understand what ramen really is. 

It is a Japanese dish that has its origin from China; it’s a form of noodle. While it originated from China, over the centuries the recipe was modified and improved until it became the Japanese national dish, and currently, nearly every region in Japan has a different variation of this recipe. This means that there are plenty of choices to explore, and a lot of different dishes to enjoy. So how does the Japanese ramen differ from other variants outside of Japan?

While the base, wheat flour dip is used for the creation of noodles may be somewhat the same, later on in the recipes when it comes to toppings in preparation distinction becomes more evident. Real Japanese ramen is often flavored with soy sauce and with various toppings such as dried seaweed, scallions, or tofu. Checking a little bit of background on the Japanese ramen soup will provide us with context on how did we come to a point where this is considered a national dish.

While it initially appeared in Japan around two centuries its popularization really boomed after the second world war. While Japan has a strong tradition of rice cultivation, shortly after the war Japan started recording its worst ever rice harvest seasons. These circumstances caused massive food shortages and with a bit of influence from US, the solution was found in wheat noodles. As there was already some base, it was very easy to rise to prominence once the rice cultivation’s dropped.

Nowadays this food is so popular that there are even instant noodles and it became so recognizable that is now considered a Japanese cultural icon. So what does make the real Japanese ramen so special? And why is the Japanese ramen soup popular both inside and outside of Japan? In this article, we will closely examine this phenomenon and show you why this information can benefit you as well. Or to say the very least, while this the be tasty when you try it.

When we say Japanese ramen bowl, what do we actually mean? When you check out this dish, you can see that there are many variants. It is being served in fancy restaurants, but it is also a form of fast food. Shops will be able to buy instant but are also a lot of them being homemade. It is literally everywhere, but one commonality is that it’s always served in a bowl-like fashion. 

Japanese ramen bowl is a unique way of dining, as it utilizes both the chopsticks to eat the ingredients inside the soup and also the bowl itself to drink the broth from it. From this, we understand that the Japanese ramen soup consists of two main parts. The wheat noodles and the soup.

For the soup, there are three main flavors. Shio, Shoyu and Miso. However, while there are certain building blocks that are present in almost any real Japanese ramen, the chef masters added their own spins and creativity to create uniquely flavored Japanese ramen bowl and to distinguish themselves from the rest.

But let’s hold our horses, shouldn’t we examine first how Japanese ramen bowl looks like? To help you understand how is this dish consume and what is the taste we have prepared for you something very special. The following two products are not only easily accessible but will teach you how does the bowl looks like an instant noodles would give you a quick preview of just how good this dish can be.

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Now you have seen and hopefully felt Japanese ramen soup for yourself. And that can mean only one thing, it is time to discuss toppings. There are so many parts that can be customized about this dish that this is fabulous. However one in part in the making of the real Japanese ramen is its toppings. 

There are some that are so common, that they virtually are added to every dish. One such example would be seaweed such as wakame or nori. Another popular one is the steamed fish cake, known as Kamaboko. The list goes on. Once you become proficient in making this recipe, we would encourage you to play a little bit with these ingredients. Just as the Masters back in Japan, maybe you will stumble upon an amazing flavor that seems to be out of reach but was achieved by your ingenuity. 

However, there are other options if you don’t like to cook. How about you go and explore Japan for? When it comes to the cuisine, it is a very interesting place to visit and eating the Japanese ramen soup at that source cannot be beaten. The choice is up to you, but the possibilities are truly endless.

And speaking about the possibilities for the Japanese ramen bowl, there is one more thing we did mention. While this is usually considered a one-dish meal, many of them are actually being served with a selection of side dishes. One such side dish is dumplings, that come from Chinese style fried dough which complements the original dish perfectly. While these offerings vary greatly depending on the region and the shop you visit; they’re not that uncommon.

For example, the dumplings we mentioned often come in 5 to 6 packs per order and are eaten by dipping them into the soy sauce or vinegar. Again, depending on the shop you might even get a bigger selection of dishes to come with your ramen soup. Sometimes these are cold drinks such as beer, but it can also be fried rice bundled in together to make for a full satisfactory meal.

However you will experience most of it when you visit Japan, but what can we do now from the comfort of our homes? Is there something in looting this quest to understand the Japanese ramen bowl? The answer is simple; we need to look into the reasons why you need to try out this dish.

One of the biggest reasons why this dish is so popular and tasty is it soup. Some people like this soup so much that they even drink it before eating the content. What truly separates the Japanese ramen soup from its original source is that it doesn’t only contain chicken bones but also ingredients that were never used in China. 

That means one thing: better flavor. Variations like these quite simple and the flavor of the dish and give it more depth. Also, you shouldn’t forget that the way the soup is made is a multi-step process. Unlike the soup broth that this may be just water boiled with his ingredients, Japanese ramen bowl is so much more.

When we move away from the Japanese ramen soup, we encountered in noodles themselves. There are three main types, and the way they are made is also unique. To show you how dedicated and precise Japanese really are, we need to understand that they look into the thickness, shape, hardness of the noodles. There are many more parameters that are being examined to bring you perfect noodles, and this is just but a few reasons why they taste so good.

We are really glad that you enjoyed this article. This dish truly deserves your time and will reward you with a fantastic taste. 

We urge you one more time to check the links above for instant noodle cups, as they will give you a preview of how good this dish can paste. However, if you are more adventurous maybe you should start planning your trip to Japan? You could find a middle ground and explore our other articles which will teach you how to cook.

With that we would like to leave you on the scope and wrote, the possibilities are endless, and it is up to you to choose what suits you the best. We will now eat instant noodles we suggested to you about, when you join us?

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