As an otaku, you have been following the Japanese lifestyle, and you are finally ready to jump into Japan’s culinary boat. You can’t wait to try your first Japanese snack box. Maybe you have some experience with Japanese treats, but you are looking for a wider variety.In this post, we look at some of the best Japanese snacks.

What is a Japanese snack box?

While looking at the background of Japanese snacks, we will understand the significance of the Japanese snack box. Nihon boasts a wide variety of best Japanese snacks that every traveler wants to bring back home.

Some are so good that however much you try to carry some on your trip back from Japan you only end up with stories after eating them all (it happens!). If you have not traveled to Japan but still want to have a taste of the best Japanese snack, snack boxes are the way to go.

The Japanese snack box is an assortment of various Japanese food snacks. The Japanese food snacks in these boxes are typically candy and food snack with Japanese flavors. They are great for learning about the Japanese food culture as you literally get a taste of Japan with every bite.

Most Japanese treat boxes come in subscription form with each month bringing in a different assortment of Japanese food snacks. A subscription also saves you the time you need to hit Japanese markets in search of the best Japanese food snacks.

1. Bokksu subscription Japanese treat box

Who would have thought that a box of Japanese treats can take you through a journey of discovery? Such is the Bokksu snack box. It comes full of Japanese treats, candies, and teas. The company uses Japanese experts to curate the products that go into each box of treats for a versatile and mouthwatering selection of snacks.

The journey of discovery starts with a culture guide that comes in the box to help you familiarize yourself with Nihonjin culture. The guide features a story behind each product including the flavors, ingredients, and common allergens in each treat. The guide also has a list of vegetarian-friendly treats in each box.

The Bokksu box of treats is the most expensive on our list but it is worth it. For starters, the box comes with authentic Japanese snacks that you can only find in Japan. All boxes come in a different theme with each boasting a varying selection of treats.

Popular past themes include the Hanami (flower viewing) Festival box and the Spring Picnic box. The Hanami features a burst of blossoming flavors from regions across Japan. Treats in the Hanami box include Sakura Mochi, a traditional rice cake, Suppa Mucho potato sticks with a blend of sweet plum, sour pickled plum, and earthy shisho (perilla leaves) and handmade Sakura candy.

The spring box features chocolate-infused strawberry, Kuromane black bean tea, sea urchin, and gourmet shrimp. If you are looking for a premium Japanese treat subscription package, the Bokksu is the best out there.

What We Like:

• Themed treats for different seasons and traditions

• Comes with a guide for each of the treats and about the products place in Japanese culture

• Full of authentic Japanese treats

What they can improve:

• Honestly, Bokksu has left nothing to chance. If only it cost less than it currently is

Bokksu - Authentic Japanese Snack

A journey of discovery that comes with a guide in the box to help you. The Bokksu is the best out there.

2. Tonosoma Japanese Candy Assortment – 30 Pcs

Japanese candy assortment 30pcs , full of dagash

The Tonosoma snack box comes with a wide variety of popular food snacks that are a great treat for the whole family. The box is ideal for occasions such as birthday parties, Christmas, Halloween, or even Thanksgiving.

Sometimes, you just need a unique treat to nibble on as you hang out with friends and families and what better way than with a snack box. If you are only looking for a tour of Japan’s candy land, the Tonosoma box might not be the best Japanese snack box for you.

However, if you are in the market for an all-rounder in Japanese food treats, then the Tonosoma is one of the best choices on the market. The pack has both sweet and savory Japanese food treats. Some flavors include soy sauce, seaweed, and teriyaki.

A tasty treat on the Tonosoma assortment box is the fish cookie. Our expectation was to find a fishy taste but pleasantly surprising, the cookie has nothing fishy going for it save for the pattern.

What We Like:

• A large assortment of treats

• A mix of sweet and savory Japanese snacks

What They Can Improve:

  • There is not as much candy as the name “Tonosoma candy” suggests

• Some treats come in too big a number. It would be better if they had a different snack rather than 7 variations of the same treat

Japanese candy assortment 30pcs

All-rounder in Japanese snacks, that has both sweet and savory Japanese food treats!

3. Japanese Candy Dagashi box – 20 Pcs

Another of our favorite Japanese food snacks in a box is the Dagashi with twenty pieces. But let’s start with a lesson if you are not so familiar with the language. In Japanese, “da” means futile or negligible while “kasha” means snacks. So the word means small or cheap snacks and candies.

And true to the name, the Dagashi treat box is one of the most affordable snack boxes on Amazon. The Dagashi packaging features brightly colored snack packs attractive to kids. The box also comes with a random toy or a small prize. If you are lucky, you might get a prize that allows you to get a second box for free.

Unlike the Tonosoma, the Dagashi comes with one each of a variety of treats. The Dagashi also features more candy than food treats making it the perfect snack box for kids or for people with a sweet tooth.

A nice trend we have seen with these boxes is the extra item that lucky buyers get. It might not be much, but the extra item adds on to the value for money the Dagashi treat box packs.

What We Like:

• Wide variety of treats without a single treat appearing multiple times

• Affordable and with more candy than most boxes

• One of the best selection of Japanese snacks

What They Can Improve:

• Although the treats are tasty, the sizes are small and could do with improvement

Japanese Candy Dagashi Box 20pcs

One of the most affordable snack boxes on Amazon. Wide variety of unique treats!

4. Japan2oz Japanese Candy Box – An Assortment Of 40 Pcs

With an assortment of 40 different Japanese snack foods, the Japan2oz snack box has the widest variety of snacks on our list. The range of snacks includes candy, gum, gummies, and even ramune.

The Japanese snacks in this snack box boast up to 3 months shelf life before they hit their best before dates. But no worries there as they rarely go past a week by my count and given how delicious the treats are.

The Japan2oz snack box has a mix of both sweet and savory best Japanese treats giving you a taste of both spectrums of Japanese culinary culture. If you don’t fancy a monthly snack box subscription, the Japan2oz Dagashi box is a great alternative.

To be specific, you’ll get different varieties of umaibo chocolate, ramune candy, and an assortment of Japanese cakes and chips in the box. And the impressive list goes on and on.

What We Like:

• A large assortment of sweet, savory, and sour treats

What They Can Improve:

• The sizes are too small and could do with improvement

• The treats only have Japanese descriptions so there is no way of telling the ingredients and whether you are allergic to any if you can’t read Japanese

Japanese Candy Box Assortment 40 Snacks

Has a mix of both sweet and savory best Japanese snacks giving you a taste of both spectrums of Japanese culinary culture.

Types Of Japanese Treat Boxes

s you can already tell, there is a variety of different Japanese snacks for every enthusiast. Different companies offer unique selections at different price points for every individual from sweet to sour and savory treats.

If you want an anime theme, there is a box of best Japanese snacks out there for you with your favorite anime characters from Japan. Premium subscriptions offer some rare treats like Kit Kats in Japanese flavors while the cheaper boxes come with widely available treats.

With YouTube channels dedicated to unboxing Japanese treat boxes the craze over these treats is bound to grow. If you are out to learn about Japan and experience the best of Japan, snack boxes are a good way to start.

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