In recent years, the matcha craze has taken the gastronomic world by storm. Historically, this ceremonial beverage was once only confined to Japan and nearby countries, but its distinct flavor made its way all over the world. 

Nowadays, we just can’t get enough of matcha. For fans of this healthy drink, you can never have too much matcha, and the versatility of this ingredient is really interesting. In this article, we will take a plunge into one of the most sought-after drinks in the market – Matcha Green Tea Latte.

Top Products for Matcha Latte

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table__image Encha Ceremonial Organic Matcha
  • One of the most sought-after matcha brands
  • Made from premium-grade first-harvest tea leaves
  • Directly from the source – Kyoto, Japan
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table__image Soar Organics
  • Certified by the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS)
  • Sourced directly from Japan
  • Comes in a cute 30 g tin can
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table__image Oishi Matcha
  • One of the highest rated matcha products right now
  • 100% organic and directly sourced from Uji in Kyoto
  • Versatile and is perfect for lattes, customized smoothies, and even for baking
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table__image Ito En Matcha Love Green Tea
  • Delicious beverage made with real match green tea
  • Comes in variants - sweetened and unsweetend
  • The brand also offers more traditional variants
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table__image Rishi Matcha Super Green Tea
  • The only ingredient is organically grown tea leaves
  • From a brand with excellent quality control and social responsibility policies
  • complete traceability on each lot, back to its source
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Matcha at a Glance

As you may know, matcha is made from special green tea leaves that have been grown under the shade about a month before the leaves are harvested. The leaves are ground finely into a velvety powder. Matcha has a large number of gastronomic and symbolic purposes, which are primarily divided into two segments: culinary and ceremonial.

Latte at a Glance

Latte is one of the most popular and versatile caffeinated drinks in the world. The ingredients are simple, with only espresso and steamed milk. Latte is short for Italian caffè latte or caffellatte, which literally means “milk coffee.” 

Lattes are those Instagrammable cups of coffee with various feathery milk designs on top. I’m sure you have seen one – or lots of them! It is also one of the lighter coffee drinks, thanks to the dilution of steamed milk to neutralize the kick that a shot of espresso can give.

Put them Together Now: Matcha Tea Latte

So, what makes matcha tea latte unique, and why are more and more people leaning towards this refreshing beverage? 

Matcha Tea Latte is bursting with lots of good stuff. We all know that coffee has antioxidants to help protect our bodies from accelerated cell damage. Matcha green tea latte also contains a lot of antioxidants, plus amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and even fiber. It’s like every serving is a cocktail of flavor and good-for-your-body stuff.

It has a more wholesome taste. While we consider this as subjective, this drink offers an earthy scent and taste. There is a multitude of flavors that will play with your palate, unlike coffee that, well, tastes kind of plain. 

Now, there are various options for the best matcha tea in the market. However, it will completely depend on your personal preference because some of the best matcha green tea brands in the market hold a stronger flavor. This means that you have to identify a product’s level of matcha concentration or strength in order to find the best matcha tea that suits your taste.

Matcha Tea Latte is a good caffeine fix alternative. If you’ve been worshipping your coffee as part of your daily routine to get your dose of caffeine, you may want to consider matcha tea latte as a great alternative. It also contains caffeine to invigorate the senses, along with other key benefits to get you through your day.

What is the Best Matcha Green Tea?

As we have mentioned previously, the best matcha green tea will completely depend on the level of concentration you prefer. The boldness of the flavor varies, but we are very happy to recommend the following options worth considering:

What is Matcha Powder? 

In its simplest terms the best matcha tea has been ground into a powder. The tradition of drinking matcha green tea in Japan goes back centuries having been the exclusive prerogative of the ruling classes before being taken up by the population as a whole. Today the traditional brew is enjoyed worldwide thanks to the myriad of health benefits it boasts.


The traditional Japanese tea ceremony is best known for the preparation, serving, and drinking of matcha. It is a ceremony full of mystic and ritual signifying the spirit of a nation. Today matcha is part of so many manufacturing processes from food flavouring to food dyes, ice creams, lattes and a variety of Japanese Wagashi confectionery.

There is a special matcha that is only used in ceremonial tea rituals called ceremonial-grade matcha. A lower quality matcha is called culinary-grade matcha, and much cheaper to purchase

The History Of Tea

The consumption of tea first came to prominence in China during the Tang dynasty where the therapeutic properties of tea were well understood and bricks of steamed tea were used for trade. Powdered tea caught on some time later in the Song dynasty where stream dried powdered leaves were whipped into hot water in a bowl.

Zen Buddhists adopted the tea ritual for all symbology it represented. The Chan monastic code describes in detail the etiquette for tea ceremonies. By the 12th Century, the preparation and consumption of tea had taken hold in Japan and it became an important item at Zen monasteries as well as being highly appreciated by members of the ruling class.

The secret to its life enhancing properties is to carefully cultivate the leaf in the shade which enhances chlorophyll production, giving the powder its distinctive green hue. It also facilitates the production of Theanine, which is the source of its sweet mellow taste.

Matcha provides 34mg of caffeine, which is the same as a cup of coffee but only half the amount of espresso. The energising sensation is longer-lasting because of the amino acid L-Theanine, which slows the release of caffeine and has a calming, relaxing effect.

Once picked the leaves are steamed and dried before being ground into a fine powder. The authentic otaku will insist on having the leaves ground on a traditional grinding stone called a Hikiusu, it may take longer but the powder will be that much finer.

Once the matcha powder is ready, it can be whisked into hot water to make tea, or used as an ingredient in a diverse range of traditional Japanese dishes.

The tea has a wonderful aroma and a silky frothy mellow taste. The best matcha green tea will be smooth and mellow. You can judge the quality of matcha by the vivid green color and the smooth mellow taste.

The major difference with matcha compared to other teas, is you can ingest the brew in its entirety, that means leafs and all. The fine powder should completely dissolve in the water when brewed, so vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Beta-carotene are also ingested when the tea is consumed. There is no limit to how much you can drink, however on average a cup of tea will need about 4 grams of ground tea leaves.

Encha Ceremonial Organic Matcha

Encha Ceremonial Organic Matcha

Encha is one of the most sought-after matcha brands currently in Amazon. The company offers a lot of matcha product variations, but we love their ceremonial organic matcha. This product is made from premium-grade first-harvest tea leaves directly from the source – Kyoto, Japan.

Encha Ceremonial Organic Matcha

Ceremonial grade Encha is the premium first-harvest organic matcha green tea powder, ground from the most tender leaves each spring on our farm in the Uji mountains of Kyoto, Japan.

Soar Organics

Soar Organics - Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

The baby in the matcha arena, Soar Organics was established in 2017 and has been certified by both the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) and Canada Organic Regime (COR). Also sourcing their green tea powder from Kyoto, Japan, Soar Organics comes in a cute 30 g tin can.

Soar Organics - Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

High quality ceremonial grade organic matcha green tea powder sourced from Kyoto, Japan

Oishi Matcha

Oishi Matcha

Oishi Matcha is one of the highest rated matcha products in Amazon right now. Being 100% organic and directly sourced from Uji in Kyoto, the company omits middlemen of any kind to keep the prices low and the quality high. This product is versatile and is perfect for lattes, customized smoothies, and even for baking.

Oishi Matcha

Authentic Japanese Matcha; Sourced directly from Uji, Kyoto. There is no "middle-man", which is the reason we are able to provide excellent quality Matcha at better pricing than our competitors.

But What About Matcha LOVE Green Tea?

Ito En Matcha Love Green Tea

We all have our preferences, but we just can’t get enough of one particular brand, so we are giving it a separate section. Matcha Love Green Tea is a legit company that offers a good mix of powdered and ready-to-drink matcha green tea selections. With various products like the original unsweetened, sweetened, single-serve, and cold brew, as well as mixes, such as matcha and lemon verbena or matcha and apple, there’s definitely one for everyone. Matcha Love Green Tea also has the more traditional variants like the usucha, paying homage to the roots of this phenomenal drink.

These are the reasons why we love Matcha Love Tea.

Ito En Matcha Love Green Tea

Delicious beverage made with real match green tea

Rishi Matcha Super Green Tea, Organic Green Tea Sachet Bags, 15 Count (Pack of 2)

Rishi matcha green tea bags are vibrantly fresh and deeply sweet, perfect for making a hot or cold matcha green tea latte. The only ingredient is organically grown tea leaves in a convenient USDA Organic, Non GMO, Biodegradable Sachet for quick brewing. Brew 1 sachet per 8oz of water at 160°F for 2 minutes.

Rishi are a direct trade importer of organic teas and botanicals with a reputation for only buying from the best sources. They deliver the best matcha green tea we know of. They pride themselves on developing long standing personal relationships with growers who practice sustainability.

Rishi’s quality control and social responsibility policies ensure they only work with farmers and producers who have the most ecologically sound growing practises along with the best tasting tea, wherever that source may be found. Direct Trade allows Rishi to verify how teas are grown and offers complete traceability on each lot, back to its source.

Rishi are committed to producing matcha green tea bags that are organic certified and grown without the use of agrichemicals like pesticides and fertilizers. There commitment goes as far as helping farmers convert over to organic methods. Their herb teas reflect Rishi’s own creative ideas and freethinking style making this tea perfect for that exhilarating early morning matcha green tea latte.

Rishi Matcha Super Green Tea

Tasting Notes: Our greenest green, with vibrantly fresh matcha and deeply sweet sencha.

Matcha Latte Recipe

If you want to make an authentic cafe style matcha green tea latte then make the tea first, when still hot add the extras, then add the foaming milk and whisk.

What You Will Need

  • 1 Rishi tea bag
  • Milk (cow, almond, rice)
  • Kitchen accessory for frothing milk

Added Extras

  • Add vanilla, almond or mint flavors
  • Sweeten with honey or brown sugar

Spice it up

Add vanilla, almond or mint flavors or sweeten with honey, brown sugar or agave nectar


In the past, we’ve been confined to having only three options – coffee, chocolate, or tea. Now that matcha and it’s variations, such as matcha green tea latte, have slowly gained in popularity over the years, our options broadened in terms of flavor and preparations. 

Life is short, and we don’t deserve a boring flavor in our drinks. This is why exploring other choices, mixing them together, and giving life to your bland latte will open your senses to a better drinking experience. As they say, matcha is love, and matcha is life.

I hope this has been a refreshing article for you, and have a great day!

Begin your day with a rejuvenating, nutritious matcha green tea latte. We review the best matcha green tea recipe that will wake you up and set you up right for a magical day and we show you where to buy the best matcha green tea bags.

Matcha tea draws inspiration from numerous trends, including third wave coffee, cocktail mixology, and the traditional culinary arts from global food cultures

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