Are you a budding sushi maker? Knowing what type of rice to make sushi with is at the heart of an authentic Japanese culinary experience. Read on to get the full lowdown on what type of rice for sushi is the best.

In this article, we will not only be discussing what type of sushi rice is the best to use, but we will also be taking a look at how this combination of rice and fish came to be. 

If you want to know what type of rice is used for sushi or even what type of rice to make sushi a delicious meal for friends and family is, you should first get a bit of background to impress your friends and family while they tuck into your delicately delivered and beautifully looking sushi morsels. 

Where Did Sushi Come From?

The idea was first conceived during the Second Century A.D. when Chinese fishermen used rice in order to preserve their fish. This allowed the fish to remain edible, eliminating the need to refrigerate it while being transported. Once the fish was ready to be consumed, the rice would be thrown away as it was no longer needed. This practice was common in China and spread throughout the Chinese mainland, Until it finally made its way to Japan where it further spread north.

Rather than throwing the rice away, the Japanese decided to eat it with the fish. During the late 17th century, a chef in Tokyo decided to season some rice with rice wine vinegar and then sell it accompanied with some fish. Since then a lot has changed throughout the years; rather than fish being embedded into rice simply for its preservation, It is now placed on top of seasoned rice to be consumed. Today, This is known as ”Nigiri Sushi” and has become a standard way of eating sushi.

Made In The USA

What many people don’t know is that sushi has been served in the United States since the 1900s. The first Sushi Shop to open in the US was in Little Tokyo, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. It quickly became a sensation and due to its popularity the number of sushi shops quickly spread, selling nothing but the highest quality of sushi made by the burgeoning Japanese immigrant population who knew what type of rice for sushi to use. 

These new Americans were proud of their food and their culture and were dedicated even passionate about handing down the art of sushi making and in doing so have led its evolution and popularity in north and south America. The willingness of these sushi masters to teach anyone who had the drive and desire to learn how to make sushi has resulted in the widespread traditional style of making sushi which has reached a whole new level of recipes and ingredients.

Bread vs Rice

Bread and rice are both stables of most cultures across the world. Maybe you could make an exception for including potatoes in the western world, but bread and rice have supported cultures across the planet for thousands of years. You get a sense of their importance by all the ancient wisdom sayings there are about bread and rice. 

They are both the symbols of community and religion. Within Christianity you have the mystery of transubstantiation when the bread is turned into the body of Christ. 

You can also see how bread permeates society with such terms as breaking bread together, which is similar to, ‘onaji kama no meshi o kuu’, meaning ‘eating from the same rice-cooking pot’. Rice is associated with a vast socio historical narrative throughout eastern cultures.

The Global Village

What is culturally interesting in the 21st century is that because of the global experience so many people now have, there has been a certain watering down of cultural eating habits. It is quite common for expats to take on the eating habits of the cultures they are immersed into. 

This has become so much easier and acceptable because of the internet and the culturally diverse eateries that are now found even in the remotest of locations. For instance, in the UK the national dish used to be fish and chips, now it is curry. The national dish in Brazil is rice and beans but in the south of the country the favorite dish is sushi, which can be found absolutely everywhere. The Japanese and Chinese people love pizza and queue for hours for a tasty burger.

Therefore, we can see that the culinary differences between cultures is shrinking all the time and people now like to experiment, trying different foods that are not native of their homeland, more often than not adopting these foods as their own. When you find one you love then it’s onto the internet to see the recipe, watch the video on how to make it and then invite your family or friends to eat your offering so they can marvel at what a dynamic cultured chef you are.

A Few Choices

In trying to understand what type of rice for sushi is best one sees there are several types of rice you could choose from to make sushi, but only a few brands are selected by professional cooks around the world. The reason for this is that if you are going to make a delicious, premium quality sushi, you are going to have to choose the right type of rice that will bring out the flavour when combined with your fish. 

Once you find what type of rice for sushi is best, you’ll notice that top chefs tend to stick to it. With that being said, we have here a list of sushi rice brands that are perfect for making sushi.

The Review

Soeos Premium Sushi Rice

If this is your first time making sushi and you want to know what type of rice for sushi is best, then you have to try this polished rice. Grown within the southern lands of California, Soeos is a premium white rice and due to the sticky nature of this medium grain rice, It is simply perfect when it comes to making sushi. 

This rice is packed with flavor and delectable when accompanied with fish. Should you not want to cook the rice with water, You can steam it without worry as the texture of the rice doesn’t change. Unlike many others, This brands doesn’t contain talc in it making your rice much stickier. Be sure to wash the rice before cooking it to remove any rice dust and dirt. Not only is this rice perfect for making sushi, But you can also use it should you plan on making rice balls or porridge given its perfect consistency and overall texture.

This American product, grown within the fields of California, is a Premium quality, new variety rice. Its medium grain rice and consistency makes it perfect for making sushi. Now you know what type of rice is used for sushi or even what is the best type of rice for sushi.

Soeos Premium Sushi Rice

Premium quality california grown new variety rice

Lundberg California Sushi Rice

Producing the best type of rice for sushi is not an easy task and can sometimes be quite a challenge, However, Lundberg Family Farms have been producing some of the finest sushi rice since 1937. Their commitment to producing a delectable and flavour rich rice reflects in each grain of their sushi rice. Not only is this the perfect brand to choose from when making sushi, But also for other Japanese meals. 

In order to maintain its high quality when it comes to the rice’s taste and texture, It is inspected twice a year by the quality assurance team. The crops are also grown under non-GMO practicing conditions, making it a much healthier alternative compared to other brands. This is a gluten-free rice is incredibly strict with its health values compared to other paddy rice and has been approved by USDA and certified by Kosher.

This is a family-owned and operated business since 1937, That focuses on manufacturing a gluten-free, Vegan, classic Japanese short grain white rice, grown especially for making sushi. One bag of Lundberg Family Farms California Sushi Rice should contain 32 ounces of rice. Now you can confidently say you know what type of rice is used for sushi or even what is the best type of rice for sushi.

Lundberg California Sushi Rice

Contains 1 - 32 Ounce Bag of Lundberg Family Farms California Sushi Rice

Nishiki Premium Rice

Grown in California and sold by JFC International, The Nishiki Rice is a medium grain rice whose flavor and texture is well known by those who love sushi. Using a new technology called “Musenmai”, They are able to mill the rice perfectly. Using this method, allows them to remove the tapioca from the rice and stick it with liquid brine. 

Once the brine is removed, You will be left with a purely cleansed rice, Perfect for cooking and no longer requiring a second rinsing, preventing the unnecessary waste of water. It is an excellent choice for those who plan on making a delicious sushi for their meal time.

This California medium grain rice comes in 15-pound bags and is considered to be a great choice for everyday consumption given how it is an all natural product. This brand answers all the questions you can have on what type of rice to make sushi a delicious meal for friends and family is.

Nishiki Premium Rice

15 Pound Package of medium grain rice with flavor and texture that is known and appreciated by sushi fanatics all over the world.

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